Why You Need a Coach: Leading Through Change

Are you feeling stuck or pressured by change? The global health pandemic represents unprecedented changes for everyone. Coaching provides a path forward, helping leaders demonstrate and promote courage, resilience, and creativity.

Effects of Change

Change activates the fight or flight response in your brain. Sapped by disruption, many feel exhausted–mentally, physically, and emotionally. Anxiety and fear creep in, negatively affecting confidence and decision-making. Navigating change takes energy and courage. So, where can you find relief and courage in the face of uncertainty? The answer is inside–inside you. Today, we need coaches to partner with us to connect to vision, elevate new ways of thinking, and expand our capacity to influence.

Value of Coaching

Coaching helps you build confidence, unlock potential, and take practical steps toward your desired future. Proactively looking ahead requires a growth-minded perspective. Contrary to popular belief, coaches do not fix people; their job is not to tell you what to do or how to do it. Instead, they help you get unstuck. Coaches help leaders and teams look inside themselves and build the confidence to move forward.

Coaching adds value to the individual (personally and professionally), team, and company. For instance, research and case studies, like the ICF Global Coaching Client Study, revealed both tangible and intangible benefits, including:

  • Increased productivity
  • More effective employee and team engagement
  • Improved collaboration and decision-making
  • Increased customer satisfaction and results

Who Benefits

  • First, Individuals. Eighty percent of people experience greater self-awareness and self-confidence with coaching. Introspection helps us understand our values, assumptions, and how they impact others. Furthermore, it helps us identify and overcome self-limiting thoughts and beliefs.
  • Next, Groups and Teams. Self-awareness helps individuals become more aware of others and demonstrate empathy and care. For example, over 70% of coachees reported better performance, more effective communication, and healthier working relationships.
  • Then, Companies and Organizations. Business benefits include increased productivity and cost reduction. Individuals and teams develop a clear sense of purpose. Consequently, they collaborate to create solutions and outcomes associated with organizational effectiveness and tangible returns. More than 86% of the companies in the study realized a 100%+ ROI.

Lead Change

Coaching unleashes courage and transforms our thinking.  Transformed thinking sparks the courage to lead with behaviors that build mutual trust and resiliency. In a nutshell, coaches empower people to empower others.


Now is the time to lead through change. Get a coach. Become a coach.

Transform People. Transform Business. Transform the world.


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