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About Us

We help people and organizations move from where they are to where they want to be.

21st-century challenges like complexity, uncertainty, and rapid change threaten performance and sustainability. Creating and accomplishing strategy in the digital age requires 21st-century learning and leadership–a new way of thinking, acting, and influencing.

What We Do

Personal and professional success is a journey. At Journey Consulting Group, we believe growth matters. Whether you are an individual contributor, leader, solopreneur, or an organization of 50, 100, or 5000 people, we help you cultivate the strategic capabilities that promote better decision-making and positive change. We help you significantly enhance employee effectiveness, customer experience, and organizational growth.

Our Mission: Connect. Elevate. Expand.

We connect people to people and vision.
We elevate mindsets through new ways of thinking and seeing.
We expand individual & organizational capacity to lead and influence growth.

#CEE yourself in the future

Employee Effectiveness

Experience Design


Our Mission



We connect people to people and vision.


We elevate mindsets through new ways of thinking and seeing.


We expand individual & organizational capacity to lead and influence growth.

Our Services

We partner with our clients to create customized strategies that cultivate a culture of trust, learning, communication, engagement, and commitment.

Strategy development is a learning journey. We partner with leaders to assess environmental factors, clarify purpose and values, prioritize success drivers, and create, solidify & implement business and leadership strategies. We help develop strategic leadership teams.

Strategic Foresight

We help leaders apply a strategic framework that moves the business forward with clarity.

We provide a series of workshops, capability assessments, and 1:1 coaching essential for leaders who desire to build trust & enhance the relationships of people working together to advance the mission of the organization. Learning, increased awareness of self & others, adaptability, and resilience, are foundational to real transformation.

Leadership Coaching

We help develop the human element of strategy – leadership.

We provide a series of workshops ideal for individual contributors, team members, emerging leaders who want to enhance their communication, collaboration, and other leadership capabilities. Breaking down silos and developing partnerships creates value. Participants receive a before & after 180-degree assessment and partner with a coach to create a development plan (a 9-12 month group or 1:1 coaching process).

Employee Development

We help build the people who build your business.

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